on your old set of tyres when buying 4 new tyres

regardless of condition

Step 1

Find your tyre size

Look at the side of your tyre and look for these numbers. Get in contact with us and let us know so we can find the right fit for you.

Step 2

If the shoe fits

Let us come back to you with some options, because not all tyres are the same. Choose the tyre that best suits your needs.


If price is you only deciding factor, we’ll give you an option all about the bottom line.


Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean the best value. A more durable tyre for example, is likely to last longer and save you money over the long run.


For some, the main deciding factor will be it’s purpose. A low-noise tyre, a tyre for winter conditions or a performance for maximum grip… match your tyre to your purpose.

Step 3

Trade in and save on new

Get paid for you old tyres. Get a minimum trade-in of $20 per tyre or $100 per set when buying new, you’ll be saving even more.




protect from the unknown

Cover each tyre from unexpected damage, and drive-on worry free.


per tyre 12 months/12,000kms cover

full replacement

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